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In 1880, a paymaster for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, David L. Gallup, established headquarters for a southern transcontinental route.  Europeans, Asians, and Mexicans came to build the railroad.  The workers began “going to Gallup” to get their pay; thus a town was born and named in 1881.  As the Gallup area is rich in coal deposits, many stayed on as miners.

Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the region in 1540, finding the Navajos and Pueblo Indians, whose cultures extend back to antiquity.

Descendants of all these people, along with the Native Navajos and Pueblo Indians whose cultures extend back to antiquity, contribute to the unique ethnic mix of the area. This diversity is apparent with the many annual cultural celebrations, and over 20 active religious denominations.

Today, Gallup is the home to only 20,000 people, but has the feel of a much larger area as it serves as an economic trading area for more than six times that number. Gallup is the hub of “America’s Largest Cottage Industry” – Indian Arts and Crafts;  Railroad and coal industries are still strong today.

UNM Gallup, a community college, has multiple 4 year degree programs including Education and Nursing, with masters programs in education.  There are multiple large Indian Health Service (IHS) facilities in the area.

Gallup is home to the second largest continuously run Hot Air Balloon rally, and for the past 5 years the National Junior Rodeo Championships.  Multiple National and State Parks are within a couple hours drive.

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